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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Arabic- Unlocking doors to a world of opportunity !

It is a reality today that in the middle east and other western countries the demand for people who speak Arabic is increasing by the day. One of our acquaintance, in London, was hired recently in the civil services department to teach the Arabic language to foreign students for a handsome salary. Along with teaching Arabic he also got lucrative opportunities of working on various projects involving Arabic as a freelancer.

The perceptions have changed, as once the Arabic language was considered a language predominantly for Arabs but today it is one of the most popular languages spoken worldwide including the Middle East where the economy is growing due to a thriving service industry. Individuals who already have some idea of the language have been trying to improve their written and spoken ability.

We at Mentors Linguist have designed Arabic language courses to help people excel in Arabic. We have customized programs catering to all age groups as well as for professionals seeking jobs in Arabic speaking countries. The programs have been planned in a manner that comprises a mix of hands on activities along with relevant theory.

There is a huge global demand for individuals conversant in Arabic in major areas like the government, armed forces, private and other public sectors. Many multinational companies are willing to pay attractive salaries to Arabic speaking candidates. People hence are turning their attention to Basic and Advance Arabic language courses.

For those aspiring to build their careers in teaching the Arabic Language Mentors Linguist has developed various programs to improve their communication skills . Learning the Arabic language will have a positive impact for many a budding career in both national and international firms in the Arab world. It certainly appears as a plus point on one's resume and makes it stand out from the others !

Arabic unites people around the World especially in Middle East and North Africa is also known as the lingua franca of Muslims. The Quran is in Arabic and in order to understand it better Muslims often prefer to learn Arabic so they can study it without the aid of any translation. Mentor Linguist offers courses that aid in different fields of life be it business, personal or academics and it represents a cultural identity that unites people. Arabic is important and to learn it we welcome you to the Mentors Linguist family


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