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"Our Vision is to see the Arabic language play a prominent role in the enlightenment of mankind"

Monday, June 23, 2014

Special Arabic Language Ramadan Course for kids and families during summer vacation


  • This course will instil in students the love and motivation to learn the Arabic language for both kids and adults alike and will enable them to start thinking directly in Arabic without using the translation methodology.
  • At the end of this course, the students will be able to understand and construct simple sentences and will have the urge and courage to join further Basic Arabic Language classes.

We have professional translators with academic qualifications and practical experience in various subjects and fields enabling us to provide quality

Translation and Interpretation

  • We undertake ARABIC – ENGLISH – URDU normal translation work relating to business correspondences and other commercial and personal materials for the convenience of individuals, businessmen and diplomatic community.
    أعمال الترجمة العادية من و الي المنصوصات العربية و الأنجليزية والأردية المتصلة بالرسائل التجارية وغيرها من المواد التجارية والشخصية من أجل راحة الأفراد ورجال الأعمال والسلك ا لدبلوماسي
  • We provide interpreters' services for meetings with Arab businessmen and visiting delegates.
    توفير خدمات المترجمين لعقد اجتماعات مع رجال الأعمال العرب والوفود الزايرة

Arabic Language Course


  • These courses have been designed for those who wish to learn Arabic from scratch in the Basic Arabic Language Course. Successful students shall then progress to the Advance Arabic Language Course.
  • The Arabic language is easy to learn for both Urdu & English speaking adults. Our interactive methods make learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Quranic Arabic Course


  • Course Duration: 1 year / Held through out the year
  • Two-hour weekly class
  • Course Fee: Rs.24,000/= payable in advance in two equal instalments First instalment Rs. 12,000 - Beginning of January
    Second instalment Rs. 12,000 - Beginning of July
  • Eligibility: All bonafide citizens are welcome.

Course For Kids & Mothers


  • This course has been designed for those mothers who not only want to learn Arabic from scratch but also want to inculcate Arabic into the lives of their children at an early age.
  • Children have the gift of rapidly learning new languages and vocabulary in their formative years. Our aim is to encourage mothers to converse with their kids in Arabic at home and hence capitalize on this natural ability.
  • We want to enhance communication skills and bonding between mother and child at home.
  • Learning Arabic will open the door for studying the Holy Quran for both mother and child.


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