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"Our Vision is to see the Arabic language play a prominent role in the enlightenment of mankind"

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Linguist providing world class translation and interpretation services Mentors

Imagine the plight of businessmen who have all the opportunity to close the biggest deals of their lives but share no common language with the prospective party to pitch their offers effectively. If the opportunity is squandered due to a language barrier, the subsequent loss of opportunity can prove very costly. Such stories of many a lost opportunity has inspired us at Mentors Linguist to offer Arabic as a language to be taught to expatriates, businessmen and students who wish to liaise with Arabic speaking individuals in their native countries and regions.

Arabic undoubtedly is a global language. It is not restricted only to the Muslims or the Arabs in the Middle East. Apart from the religious significance, Arabic’s root has further deepened with multiple states adopting and using Arabic as their first language. However it is not easy for everyone to learn Arabic due to time and other constraints. We at Mentors Linguist offer the translation and interpretation services to address this communication gap.


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