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"Our Vision is to see the Arabic language play a prominent role in the enlightenment of mankind"

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mentors Linguist Facilitating Learning Arabic

Leaving one’s home and settling in another land is one of the biggest decisions one takes in life. The most notable of risks associated with the decision is acceptance of culture and the language of that particular land. If one is able to inculcate the culture of the foreign land and learn its language, the level of acceptability of that foreign place certainly improves.

Mentors Linguist is that cushion that eases for you this transition. By providing services of learning Arabic Language, you are able to cover not only the requirements of your workplace but the society that you would move in. Mentors Linguist teach Arabic in the most professional manner offering the latest spoken Arabic words which definitely make you feel like a native of the land.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Arabic- a catalyst for cultural integration and harmony.

Mentors Linguist is dedicated to the promotion of Arabic. At Mentors Linguist we not only familiarize you with the Arabic Language but also equip you with the ability to read, write and learn the language with complete comprehension of the text.

Comprehensibility is the measure of an individual's learning. The better a person can understand, answer and write in a particular language, the better is his or her command over it. We aim to develop better comprehension in our courses.


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