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Friday, June 3, 2016

Al-Kindi the father of Islamic Philosophy

Ya'qub `Abu Yusuf' ibn Ishaq al-Kindi (803-873)

Al-Kindi, a philosopher, and chemist and a prized member of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad was born in Kufa, Iraq. Considered to be one of the 12 great minds in history, he pioneered the field of pharmacology and applied chemistry, introducing the concept of drug formulary. He also invented decryption and musical theory.

Al-Kindi wrote on diverse philosophical subjects, physics, optics, astronomy, music, psychology, medicine, chemistry, and more. He invented pharmaceutical methods, perfumes, and distilling of alcohol. In mathematics, he popularized the use of the decimal system, developed spherical geometry, wrote on many other topics and was a pioneer of cryptography (code-breaking).

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Strengthen English Language skills, grow to a world citizen

Learning is a treasure, there is no particular age to learn but it has to be done from cradle to grave. Learning various languages along with your mother tongue is the need of time, especially English Language. English is needed in many phases of life; along with being a universal language spoken and understood in various parts of the world it is,

  • The language which gives you confidence to communicate with anyone nationally or internationally. May it be business pals, relatives or your friends from abroad English could be a common language between you two.
  • No matter whatever country you choose to visit for business, settlement or tourism English would be a mean of communication. Understanding signboards, maps, names, policies, rules etc cannot be possible unless you are aware of the countries local language.
  • If you wish to have higher studies, English is necessary. In all top universities globally Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and other such places English is the mode of communication and studies. All books, syllabus, study plans, everything is in English. Even higher education in Pakistan is all in English.
Along with these there are ample uses of learning English language. Knowing its importance Mentors Linguist has started Basic English Language Course in Karachi. It is to help every individual to excel in his life. You can even Learn Modern English Language in Karachi at Mentors Linguist.

Mentors Linguist aims to Improve your Conversation Skills by offering various courses in English Language at varied timings and date for you to benefit from. The Communication Improvement classes are quite effective and will teach you how to communicate at different platforms in life.

The faculty at Mentors Linguist is well versed in various languages including Arabic, Urdu, Persian, and English Language. They are trained to improve your Conversational Practice along with giving you all the basics of a language. Learning is fun at Mentors Linguist, they use latest teaching methodologies in which students are listening, speaking and writing the language using different ways.

To know more about Mentors Linguist vist at Mezzanine No. 1, 65-C, 11th Commercial Street, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan, or log on to

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Jabir Ibn Haiyan, the chemist Geber of the Middle Ages, is commonly known as the father of chemistry. Abu Musa Jabir Ibn Hayyan sometimes called al-Harrani and al-Sufi. The accurate date of his birth is the matter of debate, he practiced medicine and alchemy in Kufa around 776 C.E and he died in 803 C.E.

Jabir's main contribution was in the field of chemistry. He originated experimental investigation into alchemy, which rapidly improved its character into modern chemistry. His contribution of fundamental importance to chemistry includes betterment of scientific methods such as crystallization, distillation, calcination, sublimation and evaporation and the establishment of various instruments.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Mentors Linguist: Retainable, Evolutionary and Sustainable Teaching

Mentors Linguists; as the name suggests is a centre of mentorship, training and teaching of language. Most modern in thought and technique; Mentors Linguists have been catering to the need of offering a methodology of teaching which is retainable, evolutionary and sustainable. Now the question arises how can teaching be retainable, evolutionary and sustainable?


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